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 Adaptive learning


“Be as precise as possible about your need for aid.” Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

The particularity of adaptive learning lies in the fact that these courses, compared to traditional learning, are able to adapt to the level of the learner through personalization and individualization. The aim of adaptive learning is to make the training more effective, more interactive, more focused on the learner's shortcomings, and thus more intellectually stimulating. Adaptive learning is based on brain science and more than 20 years of research. The system adapts to your learning progress until you become proficient in every area, thus providing an even more engaging and challenging involvement . Halifax proposes one of its best seller modules : MANAGING WITH THE BOSS® METHOD in Adaptive Learning.


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This scheme by Zach Posner, (McGraw Hill University, Washington), demonstrates that adaptive learning saves valuable time by providing a personalized path for the learner who already has some knowledge on the subject. Adaptive Learning enhances your learning experience .


One of the keys to the success of adaptive learning is to be aware of its difficulties and strengths by a kind of permanent skills assessment, which allows personalization as such. Machine learning and the algorithm constantly adapt learning to the learner.

"Adaptive learning is very effective in accelerating the acquisition of knowledge, involving students and individualizing learning, so that students are aware of their difficulties," says Peter K. Bol, Vice-Rector of the University. Harvard University. The results of adaptive learning are phenomenal. As a comparison with a traditional learning method, + 18% of students in a sample validated a module, and -25% of time spent on modules thanks to Adaptive learning (study conducted by Tyton Partners, a American cabinet in pedagogical council). Then, thanks to the collected data, the learner's monitoring is more adapted to his needs and the trainer can still better adapt his course to the level of his learners.



One of the great strengths of adaptive learning is to collect a certain amount of data such as the number of failures to questions on a given theme or the time spent solving an issue. Thus, the learning platform takes into account these data to allow the reactivation of certain key notions where the learner has stumbled. Adaptive learning makes it possible to keep the knowledge in the long term.


Halifax offers its business management training modules and bestseller "Boss" in Adaptive Learning.

Manage a team with the BOSS® method:
• Build the diagnosis of his team
• Organize individual follow-up
• Support progress on the ground
• Stimulate the team Several themes are discussed, and your journey on each lesson is personalized while recording your level of progress.

 Several themes are covered, and your journey on each lesson is personalized while recording your level of progress.

Once your lesson is chosen, the questions are interactive and enable learning via a stimulating platform. As mentioned earlier, each answer must be accompanied by a judgment of your performance to determine your level of assurance on each answer and thus establish your skills report.

Your answers are then recorded and corrected instantly to update your progress level. You are totally independent in your learning.

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