Key account complex sales training with the PAC$® method

Scope of training - at a glance

  • A best-seller in a hyper-efficient and innovative Blended Learning format
  • Improvement training helping salespeople, key account managers, business developers, better sell their difference and value.
  • Goals : Deciding on priority targets: customer stakes/competitive advantage pairs, Innovating the approach methodology of your contacts, Building an account strategy using the PIRAT® method, Adopting a sequential approach with PAC$® to analyze and win a strategic account, Negotiating at the highest level of profitable business.
  • KPI : Increase hit ratio on win/loss, develop value added solutions, increase partnership maturity with key clients.

Training plus points :

  • Expertise: The consultant in charge of moderating this type of training has a high level sales experience. This training was designed with the assistance of purchasing experts.
  • The tools: All the techniques and methods have been proven within top-line companies. The aspect of results of the relationship with key accounts is the priority purpose of this training. The tools are reusable with current business and customers, and can be customised without copyright fees.
  • Progressivity and monitoring: This training offers practical tools for project reviews (PAC$® method) and an account plan (PIRAT® method). During the training, the participants get hands-on training with these tools on a current project. Virtual monitoring classes enable the trainees to submit their Account Plan or Business Review and these are particularly popular as a method to monitor ongoing business.

Who for ?

  • Decision-making and organization eco-systems of your prospects and customers are a complex matter, as well as your solutions and offers.
  • You already have successful sales experience and want to accelerate the growth of your large and key accounts.

The program

Upstream Digital Learning: to get to grips with the complex sales review (PAC$® method) by means of 6 modules each lasting 1 hour, accessible for 8 weeks before the face to face training, with 16 questions aimed at business steering of complex projects.

The art of opportunism in portfolio management

  • Evaluating the business potential of an account and its attractiveness.
  • Selecting the “growth” targets and setting aside the “low probability” targets.
  • Constructing your information monitoring method: informers, prescribers, using new technologies etc.
  • Understanding your customer’s purchasing policy: suppliers, “spot,” partners, strategic considerations.
  • Example of an account plan.

The art of the differentiated sale.

  • Distinguishing between key contacts whilst identifying business openings.
  • Handling your first sales meetings for a solution by bringing in a added value factor: the traps of excessively widespread sales techniques among your competitors.
  • Establishing relational communication actions with key contacts.

The art of controlling complex and strategic business with the PAC$® matrix: checklist and action plans

  • Go/no go criteria.
  • Setting up the account grade according to the identified decision making process of a project.
  • Constructing a relational action plan by project: the management of allies ... and opponents.
  • Adapting your strategy to the maturity of a project with a customer.

The art of Key Account strategy

  • Defining a strategy (growth, defense, penetration) with the PIRAT® account plan tool.
  • Sharing your diagnosis of the account and the depth of the relationship, the opportunities etc.
  • Sharing your strategy about a key account, mobilizing the in-house teams and securing their backing.

The art of negotiating at a high level

  • Preparing a negotiation with The Checkpoint.
  • Coping with the techniques widely used by buyers and the classical negotiation traps.
  • Managing disputes and conflictual situations.
  • Putting your emotions in neutral, at home and with others too.


  • Follow-up by post-training virtual classes forming subgroups + several virtual classes lasting 2 hours on current business, coaching on implementation and lessons learned.