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 Changing the negotiation methods used by customer advisors in a retail bank

Our client, their environment

Retail bank

Their issues

  • All of the history relating to sales relations between this bank and its customers was based on a high degree of relational proximity, to ensure quality service.
  • More aggressive local competition was causing advisors' demand for pricing exemptions to grow.
  • Advisors' internal acknowledgement was based especially on the strategy of developing products and winning customers. They had little concern for preserving the margin.

Our In-Company solution : a negotiation and management transformation

  • A top-down approach : Every employee affected by the subject of negotiation was provided with support, from the board of directors including the president, to the managers and, finally, the advisors.
  • Revising the negotiation management processes : The demands for exemptions had to, for instance, be backed up by their justifications, which were consistent with the project indicators and tools.
  • Every player was trained and supported in their true role in negotiation and in how to pass the baton on to another negotiator with respect to the relationship with the customer.

The results

  • A significant and rapid drop (with regard to both the number and the margin) in pricing exemptions.
  • Employees who progress in commercial maturity. They became aware that defending their conditions AND continuing to develop a quality client relationship are entirely compatible.
  • A "managerial focus" effect. All of the employees affected were trained quickly and thus developed the same reflexes at the same time. In addition to the impact this had on GNP, this also sped up method management and systematic sharing.