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 The Online Academy of Sales and Managerial Performance

Sales and managerial performance forms the focal point of many companies' concerns in a competitive world that's more demanding than ever. Learning in the workplace, individually, with colleagues or in pairs (also known as "social leaning") is a major lever for improvement.

Nowadays, things change very quickly under the influence of 3 forces:

Firstly, costs. Companies no longer have the time or resources to organize as many face-to-face training sessions as they could and have to develop this informal "learning in the workplace" solution to its full potential. At the same time, the complexity forces them to train more and more their teams.

Then, the way in which learning methods evolve. The new generation has grown up with digital, zapping and microlearning methods and expects training to evolve. The opposite certainly won't happen, as training comes more into its own with digital autonomy.

Lastly, technology is no longer a barrier. Nowadays, everyone can watch modern and attractive training support materials from home or from the office, on their tablet or on their smartphone, on video and using other means by simply clicking online!

Halifax Consulting-Anderna Group is offering a complete learning solution – which is available on subscription per year – of learning resources that tie in directly with the workplace and relate to sales, negotiation and managerial performance, with follow-ups, tests, challenges and gaming.

These resources, which are updated on a regular basis, are primarily aimed at sales managers, but you can also suggest that the whole of your sales team make use of them.

Our Online Academy of Sales and Managerial Performance is primarily aimed at managers or business developpers willing to progress and boosting their teams' sales skills over time, favoring daily coaching and informal learning processes.

We're offering to supply them with key resources, support materials and new ideas throughout the year, so they can boost and add a breath of fresh air to their sales coaching skills. Whether they're preparing for a team meeting or an individual interview and regardless of the time, everyone will thus find practical support or a presentation for challenging the multiple resources that are readily available at any given time, under a whole host of formats, educational methods and content-related complexities such that they can obtain personalised advice that answers questions they might have.

This solution is made up of :
  • Our Digital Learning collections for an in-depth review of how to steer sales interviews and negotiations or how to lead sales teams;
  • A gallery of educational support materials intended for self-training. These rapid-learning multimedia tools serve as reference points for errors that ought to be avoided or for good managing and/or sales practices. As the tools are quick to consult, the main message is conveyed in less than 2 minutes thanks to synthetic key messages that are illustrated by understandable videos;
  • The "turnkey" leadership kit for managers who want to get involved in practical sequences on the topic of sales and/or negotiation techniques along with their teams;
  • Webinars on the expert subjects that can be consulted in an asynchronous manner;
  • Collaborative areas so everyone can exchange ideas with their peers and/or benefit from personalized advice from Halifax-Anderna consultants;
  • Tests, exercises, challenges and gaming for follow-up.

We provide support and distant guiding lesson, so you can quickly learn how to optimize the resources provided.

New resources are added every month to boost progress and the desire to learn and continue pursuing excellence.