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 Customer profiling

Decrypting the profile of your customers

Beyond the technical expertise required for top selling, the mastery of relationships plays a fundamental role in business performance. Understanding one’s own functioning, decrypting rapidly the functioning of your customers and adapting accordingly are all tools you can add to fine-tune your game plan. In this two days course, In this program Antoni GIROD, worldwide expert in mental training in sport and NLP Master Teacher, will give you the hidden keys to profiling your customers in order to boost your sales efficiency.

PART 1 :  Profiling methods

Quickly identifying profiles ( REDI, SPICES, metaprograms ) and adapting accordingly Adapting your mode of communication to become more efficient ( pacing and leading )

PART 2 :  Advanced observation and active listening methods

Strongly increasing your observation  and listening skills with respect to your clients ( decrypting subtle facial expressions, mastering rephrasing techniques and advanced questioning techniques )

PART 3 :  Advanced preparation methods

Using various methods in order to get tactically, mentally and emotionally prepared for important meetings
Strongly increasing your persuasion  power

PART 4 :  Intensive specific practice

Practical exercises to assimilate the methods and create automatisms through specific real cases simulations