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The operational coaching is specially design to help you sales people in charge of Key Accounts to efficiently prepare their strategic negotiation meetings in order to combine closing the deal and preserving the profitability.


3-hour coaching session with the key members of the sales team

  • Mental preparation : define precisely the objective of the negotiation and the action plan
  • Tactical preparation : complete the negotiation check point and identify the different possible scenarios
  • Emotional preparation : anticipate the customer’s objections as well as  the tactics of the purchaser, and be emotionally prepared


2-hour coaching session Individual simulations

  • Present the offer with assertiveness and conviction
  • Deal efficiently with the objections and tactics of the customer
  • Experience the point of view of the purchaser
  • Understand the power of body language and master the keys of facial expressions


2-hour coaching session

Further to the meeting with the customer, debriefing conducted by the consultant and the key members of the sales team in order to analyse the « match », identify the strengths and weaknesses and fine tune the preparation for the next meetings with the customer