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 Sales excellence

This highly customized program consists of 3 phases :

  1. Extract the structure of the expertise from the role models through interviews and turn it into a training path
  2. Deploy the training with the rest of the team
  3. Train the Managers in order to help them to efficiently accompany their teams and anchor in the long run the new mindset and competencies/behaviours thanks to a sustainable follow up


  • Conducting interviews
    • We believe that the most valuable resources of a company revolve around the skills  and strengths of your internal experts
    • These identified role models provide an extraction of  their expertise
  • Training engineering
    • Customized training path developed based on interviews conducted
    • Built in coherence with material extracted from the role models.
    • Highly customized slideshow, memo documents and business cases


  • Implementation of sales excellence mindset
  • Implementation of the key competences and behaviours


After the first two phases, the main goal is long run implementation.

In this perspective, the key player in skills reinforcement is the manager. During this phase, the purpose is to train specifically the managers in order to develop their coaching skills so that they are able to efficiently support their collaborators during collective or individual meetings.