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 Serious game on negotiation

Serious Game on negotiation

Serious Deal® is co-developped by Halifax Consulting and Manzalab.


Serious Deal® is based on the DEAL® negotiation method from the firm Halifax Consulting.


Discover Serious Deal ®: The serious Game for negotiation


The principle

The participant is placed in a negotiating situation in the face of some particularly tough customers. Each interaction requires you to make choices among several possible actions: the choice of answering, the choice to remain silent, the choice to interrupt, etc. Of course, each participant's decision directs the dialogue and directly impacts the score according to its relevance..

4 scenarios of increasing difficulty are proposed:
  • Operation Catirex: Exercise centred on the keys of effective preparation.
  • Princess Mission: Negotiation with a first combative client.
  • All my wishes of happiness: Negotiation with two interlocutors with different negotiating profiles.
  • My dear Bertrand: Negotiation against a very difficult customer who will use all possible resources and tactics to achieve the maximum saving.


The strengths of the Serious Deal ®

We have gathered all the key strengths of effective pedagogies in this Serious Game:
  • Pleasure: The object and the framework of the negotiation are enjoyable.
  • Active Engagement: From the beginning of the game, the participant must choose a character and put themselves in the shoes of the negotiator. Then, throughout the negotiations, decisions must be made.
  • Emotions: The negotiations to be conducted are difficult, realistic and under the constraints of time to push the participants outside of their comfort zone. They are real and emotional challenges. And emotion is the "glue" of memorization.
  • Precise feedback: Immediate feedback through the awarding of points based on participant's choices, global post-negotiation summary sheets and detailed summary sheets that analyse each interaction.
  • Targeted Inputs: Summary sheets immediately provide a source of learning adapted to the points of progress that the learner has just become aware of.
All these components are articulated around the DEAL ® method, a method of negotiation that we have already successfully deployed to thousands of sales people and managers in France and in over 15 countries.