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 The Group

We are a consulting and training firm specialized in sales and negotiation performance, with Head Office in France and activities in Europe, North and South America, Asia, North Africa. Our brand name is Halifax Consulting.

Our clients
Our clients are mainly of private companies from extremely competitive sectors who are active on the international scene. They consider their team's sales performance and organic growth as being matters of priority. They are on the lookout for plans to speed up the development of business skills and to align management with best practices. They are very concerned with their managers being empowered during the follow-up stage and by their teams being sustainably coached using the plans we offer them. We serve our clients worldwide : BNP Paribas, Total, Saint Gobain, Alstom, Solvay, Albea ...

Our range of products and services

These include innovative solutions
  • Dense and attractive digital learning programs that are available in 7 languages and have been tested and acclaimed by thousands of salespersons around the world,
  • Additional online training kit for managers to deliver their own sales trainings,
  • Mobile learning support and gaming solutions,
  • Online tools for evaluating commercial skills, including a serious game on negotiation,
  • Passionate consultants who all have a strong experience in personal commercial affairs and sales management, which enables them to capitalize on the expertise, support and plans that Halifax-Anderna has developed on sales performance to develop in more than 12 different native languages,
  • Ongoing renewal of content, which is notably illustrated through our numerous publications on sales performance,
  • Qualification program agreements with prestigious business schools and certified training programs.
The range of products and services we offer enable our clients to rapidly initiate actions to strengthen sales performance that have a strong return on investment and are always extremely attractive to participants.
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Our key figures

Founded in October 2003, in Paris - France

More than 10,000 salespersons and sales managers are trained or supported each year by more than 40 consultants as part of both face-to-face and blended sessions. The term "salesperson" is to be understood in the broad sense of the phrase. We work with all kinds of populations who come into contact with clients :
  • Partners, project managers, directors of prestigious consulting or business management firms,
  • Company leaders or high-flyers heading toward commercial roles. 
  • Customer service departments, pre-sales technicians, back office salespersons,
Subsidiaries in 4 countries (Morocco, Spain, Chile, Singapore) and partners distributors in Western Europe (London, Roma, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Zurich, Madrid, Varsovia) and partners in key areas (Canada, Brazil, Lebanon).

Toronto Rio de Janeiro Santiago de Chile Pretoria Beirut Cambridge Madrid Casablanca Leipzig Tunis Rome Seoul Singapore Shanghai

Digital learning products for salespersons (sales and negotiation digital learning collections) available in seven languages and e-learning products for managers with unique features (smartphone and tablets design, intuitive interface, offline use ...).

Quality certifications since 2008: ISO 9001 and ISQ-OQPF.


The Group

  • Halifax Consulting is the head quarter company designing the digital learning programs and Anderna is the international brand name
  • Anderna Morocco based in Casablanca
  • Anderna America based in Santiago de Chile
  • Anderna Spain based in Madrid
  • Halifax Consulting Asia based in Singapore.