Training to sell with the LEAD® method

Scope of training - at a glance

  • A best-seller in a hyper-efficient and innovative Blended Learning format
  • Improvement training helping salespeople better sell their differences, their solutions and professionalism.
  • Goals : Developing sales performance, levering sales discussions with highly solicited customers and controlling the levers within the relationship to win the decision.
  • KPI : Increase new clients, average sale offer, turn over.

Training plus points :

  • All of the methodological concepts proposed are transposed into the specific cases of the participants. Therefore, the participants finish their training with proven tools, transposed to preparing for their next sales discussion to be won.

Who for ?

  • You live in a highly competitive sector; you are a business person or a business developer.
  • You want to cross the line in mastering your selling methods.
  • You want to participate in a training cycle offering particularly intense preparation and content.


The program

Making people want to work with you

  • Choosing the correct positioning.
  • Setting yourself apart immediately by assuming a different position from the competing salespeople.
  • Bracing yourself to set up a relationship “between equals”.
  • Generating your own pitch and demonstrating your professionalism right away.
  • Answering the questions that your customers would like to raise without ever really daring,...
  • Work with each participant on his or her personal positioning.

Demonstrating expertise through solution diagnosis.

  • Building up a strategy for discussion and exploring avenues of cooperation.
  • Deciphering answers to identify objective and subjective needs.
  • Using the input of meta-programmes applied to business situations.
  • Having everybody draw up a questioning strategy to be used during the next issue-laden meeting.

Influencing a decision by the weight of your words

  • Understanding the main levers of influence: the paths leading to a decision.
  • The hardest hitting oratory techniques to win over even the most laid-back of customers.
  • The advantages of paradoxical approaches and the virtue of simplicity.
  • Transposition and training ‘at office’ to be given priority consideration.

Handling objections smoothly

  • Deal with the objections encountered every day by the participants.
  • Presenting an efficient method of responding, without arrogance or weakness.
  • Transposition and training on the list of objections of each participant.

Tackling price issues with peace of mind

  • Limiting the risks of “negotiation” with an open-minded presentation of prices and conditions.
  • Preparing the price presentation throughout the sale cycle.
  • Techniques for strengthening the legitimacy of the pricing policy.
  • Dealing with objections specific to prices and conditions.
  • Training using each of the elements favorable to the efficient presentation of prices and sales conditions.

Winding up your sales pitch

  • A method from moving from the “advisor” phase to closing the sale.
  • A few boosters to push forward the closure of the sale.
  • Daring to continue to sell upon hearing a “no”.
  • Transposition and training on the actual cases of each participant.
Blended-Learning Video
  • Allows you to go deeper and work on the LEAD® method with 5 digital learning modules with practical exercises and videos, which are accessible for 8 weeks. The “Blended” format is a way of splitting the training and intensive presential training schedule. Available in english, french, german, spanish, italian, portuguese.