Training to negotiate with the DEAL® method

Scope of training - at a glance

  • A best-seller in a hyper-efficient and innovative Blended Learning format
  • Goals : Accelerating the negotiation experience curve, discovering the resources of the best negotiators, pinpointing contact typologies: distributive and integrative tactics, structuring and preparing negotiations and confirming the best behaviour to master solution discussions.
  • KPI : Margin progress, annual price increase, deals profitability.

Training plus points :

  • This training takes a clear look at the theme of business negotiation. Our initial goal is to better defend the commercial conditions.
  • We also aim at continuing with the implicit goal of setting up participants so that they dare to negotiate even (and perhaps above all) in apparently unbalanced situations.
  • In a particularly carefully timed way, the teaching principle behind this training alternates inputs such as video errors and model videos with transpositions. Transposition in the context is facilitated by displaying concrete methods.

Who for ?

  • You are under pressure due to the high competition generated within your market/s.
  • Your large clients and contacts are increasingly more demanding, to the point of destabilization.
  • You are aware that controlling the negotiation process is an essential skill you will need to succeed in your endeavours.​

The program

Generating the right climate for efficient agreements

  • In theory, offering confidence.
  • No confidence without checking.
  • Using reciprocal leverage upstream of a negotiation.
  • Understanding the effects of threshold and irreversibility.
  • Distinguishing between position and the goal.
  • Playing with interactions: internal, external, vertical and horizontal negotiations.
  • Negotiation role plays for teams and pairs.

Understanding the balance of power in every negotiation.

  • Re-establishing the negotiation balance with the buyer.
  • Measuring your BATNA (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement) and that of others.
  • Daring to put your assets in words.
  • Identifying and foiling distributive tactics (the “salami" method, ”Take it or leave it", urgency, the good and the bad,…).
  • Knowing how to react assertively during intense situations (difficult, aggressive, manipulative customers etc).
  • Case studies.
  • Training with the moderator.

Preparing and structuring your negotiation: The Check-Point

  • Distinguishing the negotiation goal and the strategy.
  • Evaluating the zones of possible agreement (ZOPA) by assessing the counterparts to be obtained in exchange.
  • Defining the limits: preparing for the worst and aiming for the best.
  • Putting your emotions on hold before entering into a negotiation.
  • Brainstorming into current business with the participants.

The DEAL® method for face-to-face control

  • When and how to announce your initial position.
  • Simultaneously handling 3 negotiations: Who, How and What.
  • Praising slowness or how to optimize conditions to win counterparts.
  • Reacting to the excesses of the other party.
  • Not saying that the negotiation has finished.. But showing it.
  • Knowing how to say the last “No”.
  • Confirming that a good DEAL has been reached.
  • Intensive training.

Blended-Learning Video
  • Lets you go deeper and work on the preparation and conduct of the negotiation. There are 5 digital learning modules available, with practical exercises and videos, accessible for 8 weeks. The “Blended” format is a way of splitting the training and intensive presential training schedule. Available in english, french, german, spanish, italian, portuguese.